The Essence of Capturing a Moment

Photography is an art that creates a huge impact throughout the world. It involves a conversation between you and the photographer, as he/she goes beyond boundaries to talk about things. Such conversations need to be captured at the right moment, to bring out the true meaning of the essence and purpose. But how exactly do you do that? Well, here are some points that throw some light on capturing a moment.

Be There

Every photographer has a vision, and that transits well into their frame. Their frames speak a thousand words and some even about the hardships that they went through to get the right image. This was possible only because they were able to be there at the moment to witness things. Photographers have stayed in places for years so that they could leave after they get what they want. You can never predict moments, but you can always wait for it to happen. So, sit tight and wait for a long time.

The Real Effect



Nobody can create moments as they need to occur naturally. You cannot grab an individual and ask him or her to do a particular action, as it would seem to be fake. So, as mentioned earlier, you need to go out into the real world and wait for hours to get a glimpse of the bigger picture. When it is not created, the image has a certain spark to it, and the outcome will always be remembered throughout.

Travel and Learn

To get a picture, you need to get a basic idea of what you are going to capture. For this purpose, you need to be aware of all the things that are taking place in the world. So, travelling can be considered as an ideal option, since you are getting exposed to a lot of elements that add on to your remarkable frame. The feel of exploring things for the first time, creates a new balance in life, as you go about clicking moments and not images.

Patience is Key


Photographers are individuals who would wait. Be it, wedding photographers or wildlife photographers, they are all willing to wait for the right moment. So, as an individual, you need to develop the essence of patience. This particular character will take you places, and you will be able to witness like in another way. Things will become easier, as you do not add pressure for them to occur at an instant.

The Need to Rise Back

Failure is part of life and photographers often face the real deal. The things that they planned might not take off, as they go about with high expectations. Such junctures in life will teach us a lesson or two, and none of them talks about quitting. So, if you were not able to get the right-click, then come back tomorrow and never stop until you get what you want.


Taking The Best Shots At A Wedding

If you are an individual who believes that a wedding is an important occasion that deserves a good photography session, you have indeed come to the right place. A wedding is indeed one of the most precious days when it comes to the life of the beautiful couple. If you are a wedding photographer, you know that your prime focus would be the couple and of course, their immediate family. It is also your responsibility for you to capture the best moments and also you should make sure that those moments are not blurry or problematic.

You should make sure that the wedding shots have come out in a fantastic way. In this guide, I will talk about taking good wedding photos, photos that will make you happy that you got into photography.

  • Try and get a second shooter with an equally good camera, just like the one you own.
  • Make sure that the second shooter knows what they are doing and that they are experienced
  • An interesting thing to do would be to include a Polaroid camera and take a couple of shots with that. All you have to do with that would be point and shoot.
  • You should make sure that you have come prepared with all of the equipment.
  • You should make sure to acquaint yourself with whoever is photogenic and likes having their picture taken, as opposed to those who don’t.
  • Plan your shots and ask the couple what kind of photos they would like. Most couples will indeed wants some specific shots; make sure that their requests are obliged.
  • You should also know who and what to take pictures of. Make sure that you take enough pictures of the venue with and without people, because the couple will indeed want that.Wedding photo
  • Capturing the little moments can indeed reward you later on. Make sure that you are invested in all of your projects.
  • Wedding photography is indeed different from all the other kinds because it can be challenging as you will have to focus on a large number of people.
  • Make sure that your camera is on a full battery at the start of the event or whenever you start shooting. You should also make sure that you carry an extra set of batteries with you just in case.
  • Make sure that you do not go solo, and you should also take the help of a sub-ordinate so that you can pre-plan that shoot. If you have an exotic setting nearby make sure that you ask the couple to follow you there so that you can take some really nice shots using natural light.

Some Tips To Photographing Babies

When you have just had a baby, you will indeed feel the warmth gushing through your chest, and you will certainly be happy because you have just given birth to a bundle of joy. The miracle of life is something that we all should be really happy about, and we are indeed. A baby is indeed like a blessing to the whole family because it gives a breath of freshness to the family and people express a lot of emotions indeed. In this guide, I will be talking about what kind of pictures you can take of your beautiful baby to make sure that all of your photos turn out to be good.


Make sure that you use a good digital camera. A DSLR would be the best in most cases. If you have a phone with a camera, I don’t think it would suffice, depending on the phone. If you have an iPhone, I think you are good to go. The iPhone with two or more lenses in the back will indeed have a feature called “portrait mode” in the ‘camera’ app. When you choose the feature, you will be required to choose a subject for the camera to focus on, in this case, let us consider that the baby is the subject. The best thing you can do is take multiple shots and then consider which one if the best and which one is a keeper. It is okay even if the baby moves; the phone knows which photo would be the best one because the camera takes multiple photos and presents the best one to you. You can even choose the burst shot feature which would prove to be amazing because it can take hundreds of photos in short periods of time.

Documenting every single day or moment with your baby to make sure that you get those important moments on camera is indeed a nice thing that you can do. You should make sure that you don’t miss these moments in real life while trying to take pictures of it.


Here are some things that you can do to take a nice picture of your baby.

  • You should find the right angle and make sure that the angle is a good one. Get down low and make sure that the natural baby shots are taken perfectly. Some babies actually know when they are being photographed, and they will actually smile and pose.
  • Close-ups are really important because they capture the real essence of your baby; they will capture all of the details in their cute faces and all of the details. Close up shots are indeed important, and if you don’t take them, you will wish that you had them.

Some Tips For Photography Of Corporate Events

Simply put, a corporate event is one where a company hosts an event because they want to show that they are hospitable or social. In most cases, it will be because of the fact that they will want to meet with people from other companies, or because they will want to hold conferences and other kinds of events for people within their own company. It would normally be limited to employees, employers, board members, potential clients and clients, and that would be it. Well, photography is indeed important, and in this guide, I will give you some tips which I have learned along the way as event photographer.

  • You should decide the best angles, and you should also do a recon of the room or the place way ahead of time. Make sure that you get the locations right because photos being shot are important.
  • When the day of the event arrives, make sure that you dress for the occasion. You should dress to fit in. Corporate events will require you to wear a nice blazer and a perfectly ironed pant and shirt. A tie will also make you feel you belong. Make sure that you smell good to because you will indeed be surrounded by pompous suits everywhere.
  • You should also bring along a zoom lens and a short lens as well. These lenses will matter because it depends how far you are from the podium. The distance matters because if you far away and if you have to take a picture of someone on the stage, you can do so with the long zoom lens.
  • Make sure that you know your setting.event
  • You should also be sure to keep a flash handy or probably on your camera at all times.
  • Since you would be surrounded by suits, you should ask permission before clicking anyone’s photo. At corporate events, some people may not be okay with having their pictures clicked, and therefore you need to ask them before you go ahead and take the photo. Permission is better than an apology.
  • You should also make sure to not take pictures of people when they are eating. Corporate events will indeed have food; do not bother them when they are having their meals.
  • You should also edit the pictures and deliver them as soon as possible. Corporate suits do not indeed like waiting for things and therefore, make sure that you do your job soon.
  • You can actually name your price if you are an independent photographer. You should also make sure to drop your card with some people there so that they think of you for any future events.
Family Photograph

Some Tips For A Family Portrait Session

Photographs are indeed a great way to make sure that moments are there forever with you and those moments will stay with you in physical form no matter what. Decades later you can look up at those photographs and the shed a happy tear and realize that you have had some good times. Photographs from a good portrait session will indeed make you realize that you look good as a family and that a rewarding photograph will indeed make you all emotional. You should indeed make sure that the whole family knows what is happening that day; all of your family members should indeed be on board. Well, if they are anything like me, a shutterbug, they will be ecstatic about a photo session.

Here are some points that will make sure that your session goes smoothly and perfectly.Photographs

  • If you have really small children, you should carry then or make then stand near you if they can stand that is. Make sure that you take multiple shots. Since they are so tiny, you should take some shots of you kneeling as well.
  • Make sure that the shots are perfectly natural. You should take a couple of shots where you pose.
  • Take some candid shots too. Candid shots are the ones that will indeed end up being some of your favorites because they are the most natural ones. Babies will indeed laugh and smile when it is candid, you can play with them and try to make them laugh, and the side candid shots of all of you laughing will indeed end up being so precious that you will frame it.
  • If you are having a photo session in a studio, you should make sure that the photographer knows what they are doing. Make sure that they are using a good camera. Most studios will indeed use a high-quality DSLR indeed.
  • A better setting would be a park which is not filled with people. Make sure that you choose a location which is secluded and has tons of natural light. I am trying to paint a picture, a picture that describes the ‘Kew Gardens’ in London. Make sure that you look up that place and you will get to know what I am talking about. Some of the best shots that you can get will be because of natural lighting.

  • Make sure that the aperture, the shutter speed and the ISO are all perfect to the occasion and the situation.
  • You should also choose the proper lenses. If you are hiring a professional photographer for this occasion, which you should, do tell them to choose the best options for the occasion.

Photography 101

Photography is one of the most amazing things that we have invented because when we take photos, we have captured that moment permanently and forever. That is one of the best things we can do when we have photo-worthy moments and happy times. Every single quality photo ever taken has been known to have just the right amount of exposure. Even if you make sure that you catch a great subject at the right moment, with perfect framing and everything, all is lost if you ruin the exposure. Photographers who are indeed used to shooting with automatic mode have said that they are really accustomed to the camera doing all of the technical work and the camera taking care of all of the settings.

Digital cameras have certainly become really smart nowadays. Elevating the entire picture-taking experience from really good to awesome would require you to have an understanding when it comes to 3 elements of proper exposure which would be, aperture, shutter speed and also ISO.

Here are some things that you should know when it comes to photography.

  • What exactly is aperture?
  • Aperture is just a hole with the lens which limits the amount of light which can enter through the lens. This could overexpose the photo with too much light, or even underexpose it. When you change the aperture value on the camera, you will be either increasing or decreasing the size of the hole which lets light in. It is also measured in f-stops like f-2.2 or f-4. It is also a fact that, lower the f-stop, the bigger the opening and vice versa.
  • Why does shutter speed matter?


  • The shutter of the camera is how the camera lets the required light in. The shutter lives right in front of the imaging sensor, and the shutter speed is the exact amount of time it would stay open. Shutter speed and aperture are the ones that have been known to work together. Since the aperture decides the amount of light that is let in through the lens, the shutter has been known to determine the amount of time that the sensor would be exposed to that light.
  • What exactly is ISO?
  • is just stands for International Standards Organization, but when it comes to the meaning in photography, now that would be unique. It is also known as ‘film speed’, and it means the same thing on digital cameras. ISO also controls how the sensor actually responds to light which it receives from the shutter and also the aperture. A high and good ISO makes it more sensitive to the light and vice versa.
  • is absolutely no wrong way to take a photo, make sure that you experiment with settings and make it your own and take fantastic photos.

How To Nail An Engagement Photo Session

Well, here it is. The moment you have been waiting for your entire life. You have finally gotten engaged, and you are thinking, “I need some pictures of this”, well you are thinking straight indeed. Of course, you need pictures of it. An engagement is the second most important thing when we are talking about things related to a wedding, the wedding being THE most important thing. Both of these occasions will indeed require you to hire some of the best photographers possible, because you will need good photos of that occasion.


Engagement sessions are indeed an amazing way to connect with a lot of your family members. They will indeed insist on being there. In this guide, I will list out some ways that you can nail an engagement photo shoot. Coming up with some of the engagement poses will indeed be a little challenging because you will not want to be cheesy and use generic poses.

  • Make sure that you use basic poses, the classic ones. Do not be the cheesy ones. Keep it simple. Pick poses that are comfortable and are not too difficult to execute. Make sure that a bouquet is at hand and make sure that they are fresh. You should also choose a pose that will showcase the ring of the bride. Make sure that you also take a lot of candid photos.Engagement
  • Candid photos are some of the best ones that you can take. Candid photos are always the best ones.
  • If you are doing the shoot by yourself, make sure that you bring minimal gear, and you should also make sure that the camera is handled by someone who knows what they are doing. You just have to worry about being natural and happy. Well, it is recommended that you hire someone who knows what they are doing because you will only be engaged once, you might as well do it right. Make sure that you spare no expense when it comes to photography because photos are one of the things that will last forever and as long as your marriage lasts, you will indeed treasure them will all your heart.


  • The angles indeed matter a lot because the angle at which the photo is taken is important. The angle is what lets in all the light; the angle will confirm the subject and the background, and many more features.
  • The environment is, indeed, an important factor. The surroundings are important because of the fact that they play a potentially crucial role in the whole photo shoot session. Make sure that you choose a private yet sunny area. Make sure that there is the right amount of shade and sun.